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Soft Lift

SOFT LIFT™ Calgary

An Overall Facial Rejuvenation

The 3Ds of Aging - Deterioration, Droopiness and Deflation

Our Soft Lift Approach combines BOTOX COSMETIC® and JUVEDERM® treatments to help you combat the "3 Ds" of aging: Deterioration (wrinkles and texture change), Descent (droopiness of the skin) and Deflation (a loss of volume).

By combing these two procedures, you are left with a balanced, full and natural looking facial rejuvenation.


Treating your skin concerns with both injections at the same time allows us to completely customize the procedure to your unique needs based on age, gender, and skin type.

For skin rejuvenation at all ages, our clients prefer the SOFT LIFT™ Approach as a skin filler treatment to:

  • Combat deterioration of skin (wrinkles and textural changes),

  • Counteract droopiness of skin, and

  • Re-inflate their skin (cheeks, lips, jaw line, etc.)


The SOFT LIFT™ Approach is a superb procedure as it:

  • Combines an injection, BOTOX COSMETIC®, with a filler, JUVEDERM®, for balanced and natural looking facial rejuvenation,

  • Treats multiple signs of aging in just one session, and

  • Is completely customizable to the age group you are in.

Take the first step to enhancing your looks today.