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Excess Hair

Excess Hair Removal - Treatments In Calgary

Tired of spending all that time and money to remove excess hair?

We’ve all got unwanted hair, male or female. Whether it’s on your face, chest, back, legs, underarms or the bikini area, it’s there.

You’ve tried everything—tweezing, waxing, sugaring and threading to eliminate or reduce it. If you add up all the time and expense spent on excess hair removal, you would have a fat wallet and time on your hands.

Permanent hair removal

There is a solution. Permanent hair removal is ideal for most skin types, and unwanted hair growth can be stopped.

Expertise is needed

The skin on your face and body is not the same, and there are different skin types. It’s essential to have someone who is experienced in laser hair removal to ensure your safety and avoid any adverse effects. Laser hair removal is safe if a properly trained laser technician does the treatment.

The benefits of Britannia Dermedics' Laser Hair removal treatment:

  • No more waxing, electrolysis or razors

  • Effective, safe, and permanent

  • Versatile procedures -- able to quickly adjust laser wavelengths for differences in hair thickness and type

  • Minimal treatments are needed (3-6)

  • Customizable to coarseness of hair

  • Minimizes adverse skin reactions often seen with other laser systems

  • Able to accommodate all skin types from light to dark tones, including tanned skin


Hair Removal Solutions


We offer two types of lasers: Prowave and Cool Glide (for all skin types)

Take the first step to enhancing your looks today.