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Cellulite Removal & Treatment In Calgary

Stubborn fat, cellulite + loss of elasticity and collagen

For most of us, gravity and genes can become the enemy when it comes to our skin. And no matter how healthy a lifestyle we embrace, over time the face and body begin to lose elasticity, collagen weakens, pockets of stubborn fat accumulate and cellulite appears.

It’s frustrating—you eat a healthy diet, exercise frequently and drink lots of water. But gravity and a genetic predisposition can put all your work to waste. And you’re concerned because nothing is helping. After all, you’ve been doing everything you can, and it isn’t making much difference


You can be extremely fit and healthy but still battle stubborn fat pockets and the unappealing appearance of cellulite, along with a loss of firmness on your face and body.

What is cellulite?

The appearance of cellulite doesn’t mean you are overweight; thin people also have it. It’s more common with women than men. Genes play a big factor—if other people in your family have it, it’s likely to show up for you.

What causes cellulite?

  • Genetic predisposition

  • Slow metabolism

  • Dehydration

  • Poor diet

  • Fad dieting

  • Lack of physical activity

  • Hormonal changes

  • Total body fat

  • Skin thickness and colour


What causes stubborn pockets of fat?

Pockets of fat may accumulate as the result of an unhealthy diet, chemical or food insensitivities, insulin insensitivity and over-consumption of carbohydrates. Again, genes can play a big factor.

Cellulite, Fat Pocket and Skin Elasticity Solutions

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